Tahfeedh ul-Qur’an



The ADAMS Center’s Tahfeedh ul-Qur’an Program is dedicated to helping young boys and girls, from ages 7 to 14 years old, to commit the Holy Qur’an to memory. Students are guided through individualized attention to preserve the Qur’an within the rules of tajweed and with a general understanding of the meaning.

Tahfeedh teachers come with extensive experience of teaching Qur’anic recitation, tajweed, and memorization. In addition, as ADAMS Tadhfeedh staff, they are trained to ensure the students relationship with Qur’an is positive. Furthermore, our teachers provide one-on-one instruction time, focus on enhancing each individual’s strengths and difficulties, and emphasizing positive reinforcement with each lecture and recitation. For more information, please contact tahfeez-quran@adamscenter.org


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