ACTION ALERT and Our thoughts and prayers are with all the victims and their families of Syrian Civilians


Our thoughts and prayers are with all the victims and their families of Syrian civilians whose lives have been devastated in the continuing humanitarian crisis that has affected them for over 5 years. We are deeply saddened by the latest intensified tragedy in Aleppo, where locals, including women and children, are being subjected to imprisonment, torture, and death. As many as 100,000 civilians are trapped in besieged Aleppo, and as the violence intensifies and the death toll continues to rise. We join the world in our prayers for the 400,000+ Syrians that have been killed in this horrific conflict, for the 4.8 million+ refugees, and the 13.5 million people in urgent need of humanitarian assistance inside Syria. We hope and pray that the parties adhere to the ceasefire and truce that was reached and a resolution to the crisis is near.
ADAMS Sterling on Friday, Dec 16, 2016 will dedicate Jum’a Khutbas to the Syrian Humanitarian Crisis and will conduct a relief collection for Syrian Humanitarian Relief efforts.


You can donate to the ADAMS Relief Fund which will ensure your donations are sent to reputable Humanitarian Relief Organizations working to alleviate the pain and suffering of Syrian civilians and victims of this crisis. Please visit

Action Alert:


1) We need to do more to help the innocent civilians of Syria and suggest the following:


  • Contact our elected officials to encourage them to:



2) Call on the Muslim Majority Countries especially Gulf Countries to:

  • Work with our allies to establish a No Fly Zone in selected areas of Syria to protect innocent civilians.
  • Allow more Syrian civilian refugees to be given asylum in their Countries.

    Further increase humanitarian aid.



    Take a more pro-active role in speaking out against this crisis.



     The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) should provide the leadership in finding a political and peaceful solution to the Syrian crisis.



    Impose strict economic embargo and sanctions on the current Syrian government and their supporters.


  • ***Contact OIC to communicate the above message: oicv2/ m/en/contact/
4) Syrian Crisis By The Numbers
According to the UN around 400.000 people have been killed and 13.5 million people are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance inside Syria.
More than 4.8 million refugees from Syria are in just six countries Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, and Germany:
  • Turkey hosts 2.7 million refugees from Syria, more than any other country worldwide.
  • Lebanon hosts approximately 1.1 million refugees from Syria which amounts to around one in five people in the country.
  • Jordan hosts approximately 635,324 refugees from Syria, which amounts to about 10% of the population.
  • Iraq where 3.9 million people are already internally displaced hosts 245,022 refugees from Syria.
  • Germany hosts 360,000 refugees from Syria.
  • Egypt hosts 117,658 refugees from Syria.
  • USA hosts 12,743 refugees from Syria.


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