ADAMS Condemns ISIL Beheadings in Libya and Attacks in Copenhagen


ADAMS Condemns ISIL Beheadings in Libya and Attacks in Copenhagen

The All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) is infuriated and sickened by the horrific beheading of Coptic Christians in Libya, and the attacks in Copenhagen on the Synagogue and Café by the terror group called ISIL. We condemn the despicable criminal acts of these terrorists in the strongest terms, and ask all people of conscience to unite against ISIL, and deal with the terror group in the strongest possible manner.

We remind all people that terrorists like these have no religion.  These senseless and savage acts violate the most basic tenets of any and every religion. We also reiterate the Islamic principle that teaches freedom of religion, prohibits any compulsion in faith, and stands for the protection of life.

Our thoughts and prayers are therefore with the victims and their families. We stress that the perpetrators of these crimes deserve nothing but censure, and must be brought to justice.

These heinous acts moreover should NOT be permitted to vilify and stereotype the peaceful and law abiding Muslim community in America and worldwide.

ADAMS recommits itself to actively working with others to build a world of justice, abundance, understanding, reconciliation, and peace, in our personal lives and our public lives, and invites everyone to share in this great enterprise for the entire human family.

ADAMS would like to remind all Americans that Islam holds the human soul in highest esteem, and considers an attack by any person against innocent human beings as sin of the gravest magnitude.

We also reaffirm that Islam teaches freedom of religion, and prohibits any compulsion in faith.

We would also like to cite several examples of ADAMS Religious Freedom and Interfaith Work between Muslim, Christian, and Jewish Communities:

Middle East Muslim Christian Coalition



Christian & Muslim Interfaith Event for Pakistani Christians – Better Relations between Christians & Muslims

ADAMS takes a strong stand against Anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial and believes it’s important for other Muslim leaders to do so as well.

DC Area Rabbis and Imam Summit


Interfaith Seder at ADAMS(4/19/2014)
A 2011 Documentary short about an Interfaith Seder hosted by The
All Dulles Area Muslim Society(ADAMS) Mosque and the Washington Area
Jews for Jewish-Muslim Understanding. Produced By Matt Spangler

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