ADAMS Deplores Recent Anti-Muslim Hate Crime Attacks

The All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) deplores and wholly condemns the recent anti-Muslim Hate Crime attacks in our nation.   ADAMS is highly concerned by the unwarranted fear, hate rhetoric and stereotyping of Muslims in general that inevitably leads to hate threats and too often encourages hate crimes.  
As our great nation celebrated its 240th birthday yesterday on July 4, 2016, we are truly puzzled that some people do not understand that these negative sentiments and malicious propaganda run so very counter to American values and the principles of religious freedom on which these United States were founded so many years ago, and which has fostered so much of our progress and prosperity.
In recent days, a Muslim doctor was shot and stabbed outside a Texas mosque, two Muslim men were shot on their way to their prayers in a Minneapolis mosque after playing basketball, and two teenage Muslims boys were viciously beaten outside a Brooklyn mosque early Sunday morning.  Also a few days ago a Muslim Man was beaten in Orlando.  In 2015, 78 Mosques were attacked in the USA and approximately a dozen Muslims were killed in Hate Crimes or for undetermined reasons (that seemed otherwise without motive). 
No Americans should have to live in fear of such mindless brutality.  American Muslims are partners in national security and consistently and continuously work with law enforcement to counter violent extremism.  We remind all Americans that a local Muslim man had actually called the FBI in Florida well before the Orlando attack to voice concern about the perpetrator and make Law Enforcement aware of his potential for violence a few years ago.
It is very disheartening that although the actual rate of Middle East related terrorism is approximately only 6% in the USA and 2% in Europe, some 86% of media news stories on terrorism focus on Middle East related terrorists.  In America, the far more prevalent and much more dangerous threat of domestic terrorism comes from white supremacists, anti-government, sovereign nation, and other homegrown extremist groups. The recent terrorist attacks against the Colorado clinic and South Carolina AME Church is a perfect example of this threat. As a nation, we need to respond and counter all violent extremist threats, but without demonizing specific groups of innocent peace-loving people.
We appreciate the many Interfaith groups and people of goodwill who join with us in vigorously denouncing all this bigotry and hate.  We pray that these voices will be heard and that all Americans will recognize the need to counter any and all violent extremism.
ADAMS is a key co-organizer along with 25+ organizations of a major interfaith March for America by Americans Against Terrorism, Hate and Gun Violence, in front of the Capitol in Washington DC on Saturday July 23 (2-8 PM), so the thousands of Americans who deplore such violence can make their voices heard and put an end to these vicious and senseless attacks. (for more information, see   
ADAMS continues to work with government officials, local law enforcement, and with national Agencies like the FBI Washington Field Office, FBI HQ, and DHS, to assure national security and civil rights. These latest outrages reinforce our commitment to helping all Law Enforcement Agencies to do everything we can for national security and to prevent hate crimes.
As a community we will respond as our religion has taught us, by answering bad with good.  God tells us in the Holy Quran, “And not equal are the good deed and the bad.  Repel [evil] by that which is better; and thereupon the one whom between you and him is enmity [will become] as though he was a devoted friend.” (41:34).”  
We pray that all Americans of every faith group will follow God’s messages as related in their own faith’s teachings and practices.  We also pray for those affected by this violence, and pray that the perpetrators of these horrific attacks will mend their ways and cease any such despicable activity.

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