ADAMS Deplores the terrorist attack at Westminster in London

The All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) deplores the terrorist attack at Westminster in London and send our thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families. We pray for the speedy recovery of all, including Melissa Cochran from Utah, who was injured and lost her husband Keith in the attack. 
We commend the British law enforcement for their swift action and hope those responsible are fully prosecuted under British law.

ADAMS reiterates its condemnation of any and all acts of terrorism and extremist violence. We ask all people of faith and conscience to tirelessly stand up against terrorism, extremism, bigotry, racism and hate.  Sadly, Muslims are the vast majority (82% to 97%) of victims of terrorist attacks worldwide and we re-affirm our denunciation of attacks against any community, anywhere. These horrific acts however should NOT be permitted to vilify or stereotype peaceful and law abiding Muslims in Britain, America and worldwide.  

London Mayor Sadiq Khan (a British Muslim) stated that despite the attack London “remains one of the safest in the world.” 
We fully support and applaud Mayor Khan’s comments of unifying together against terrorists. “We stand together in the face of those who seek to harm us and destroy our way of life. We always have and we always will.  Londoners will never be cowed by terrorism.”  
We pray the same spirit of fortitude that characterized London against attacks in the past will remain firm even in the face of this latest tragedy.
American Muslims are partners in national security and with law enforcement on counter-terrorism. Several weeks ago ADAMS welcomed a delegation of European Muslim and civic leaders, including leaders from Great Britain, who came to study the methods we at ADAMS use to counter violent extremism.  We assure our British brothers and sisters that we will never falter in our support of their efforts to deal with and overcome these terrible actions, and our prayers and thoughts will always be with them in such troubling times.

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