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As Salamu Alaikum wa Rehmatullahi wa Barakatuhu,  As per the provisions of ADAMS ByLaws, the next Annual Election shall be for Board of Trustees Officer positions.

In-person voting will be on September 11, 2022 at ADAMS Sterling from from 10AM
 until 3PM. Also e-ballot voting will be from September 11, 2022 starting at 7PM until September 13th, 2022 at 7PM.

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Candidate for President -
Syed Moktadir


Candidate for Vice President -
Said Salah

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Said Salah is an ADAMS Lifetime Member who has been active with ADAMS since 1985 in different volunteer roles and capacities. He is married and has four children who all grew up in the ADAMS Community. He has served on both the Board of Trustees and Executive Committee of ADAMS several times, was the Principal of the Youth Saturday School (YEP), and is currently serving as the ADAMS Vice-President.

Over the past 18 months as a member of the Executive Committee, he has led our organization in its realignment efforts for all community-facing programs and activities (Jumu’ah, Daily Prayers, Education Programs, Events, Clubs, Outreach, Services), initiated the Clubs & Events verticals and processes, and led the unification process of ADAMS with the Leesburg Branch.

Historically, Said has been involved primarily in youth-related programs and activities over the past 35 years, including the ADAMS Youth weekend schools (YEP) and the ADAMS Scouts programs.

Said lives with his family next to the ADAMS Sterling Branch and is a member of the Norwood Homeowners Association.  He has earned an M.B.A. in Finance from Marymount University, a B.A. in Economics from George Mason University, and is fluent in both English and Arabic.  Said has been nominated to continue serving as ADAMS Vice-President and has accepted the nomination to do so.

Candidate for Vice President -
Anab Ali


Sister Anab Ali has been ADAMS Center Community member nearly 20 years and she is a lifetime member. She is a business woman, grassroots activist, and community organizer. Sister Anab have three daughters who had attended ADAMS Sunday schools almost 20 years ago. She is married to brother Yusuf Kheire, CPA who also was a board member and Treasurer of ACHN for many years. Professionally sister Anab, earned Bachler of Science in Nursing (BSN) she is a Registered Nurse (RN) she was the founder and CEO of Oasis Home Healthcare, Inc. Prior to that sister Anab worked with Federal Government for 20 years.

Sister has been an active member of the ADAMS community and volunteered in multiple area such as: (a) She was one of the initial founding members of ADAMS Compassionate Healthcare Network (ACHN) from 2012 through 2021 she served as a board member/secretary, (b) provided onsite COVID -19 Vaccination services from 2020 to 2021, (c) she has been involved in and done grassroots activism work with ADAMS of Civic Engagement (ACE), and (d) sister Anab is active member of Ashburn’s ADAMS committee where she volunteers to assist Masjid activities including Friday prayers and eid planning.


Sister Anab is currently is sitting committee member of Loudoun county Public School (LCPS) for diversity and inclusion. she is also active volunteer member Loudoun county Medical Reserve Community (MRC)

Candidate for Secretary -Muhammad Faysal Islam


Muhammad Faysal Islam and his family are long-standing members of the ADAMS Center and volunteers of the community. He is an educator, grassroots activist, and community organizer. Br. Islam and his wife have three children who are also students of ADAMS educational and Scouting programs. Professionally, He is an Engineer and a faculty member at the George Washington University, School of Engineering and Applied Science. Br. Islam received his Ph.D. in Systems Engineering from the George Washington University and is a certified Systems Engineer, Project Manager, Information Systems Security Professional and Enterprise Architect.

Within the ADAMS community, he currently serves as the Secretary and leads the STEM educational program, serves as a Boy Scouts Merit Badge Counselor, Girl Scouting Service Unit leader and in various other roles as a member of the ADAMS Executive Committee. He worked with the Imams’ Office to establish the ADAMS TED-Ed program so that middle and high school students can excel in leadership, critical thinking and public speaking skills while representing their Muslim Youth identity. He is streamlining ADAMS marketing and communication strategies to increase our reach within the community and strengthen digital presence. He led multiple partnerships between ADAMS Center, ADAMS Compassionate Healthcare Network (ACHN), Fairfax County Health Department and other entities to offer COVID-19 vaccination to our community members as early as March 2021 and vaccinate over 65,000 community members across five counties in Northern Virginia by the end of 2021.

ADAMS Center has been a second home for Br. Islam and his family. As a member of the Executive Committee, he listens and works collaboratively to ensure every member of the community feels welcomed and valued.

Candidate for Treasurer -Mian Abdul Rauf

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In the name of ALLAH, the Beneficent, the Merciful


Humbled to be nominated as a candidate for the post of “Treasurer”.


This is Mian Rauf, an accountant by profession. I did my bachelor’s in accounting and later qualified as a “Chartered Accountant” from Pakistan and a “Certified Public Accountant” in the US.


We moved to Nova in 2002. My wife and I, have two daughters and one son. Our association with ADAMS started in 2004. First, my daughters became a part of girl scouts, where my wife served as a leader. When my boy joined the “Cub Scouts”, I was designated to be the “Treasurer” for the Cub Scouts.


When the ADAMS’ Management formed the Financial and Accounting Modernization (FAM) Task Team, I joined the FAM Task Team to revamp the ADAMS’ Accounting system and, design and implement the internal controls.


When in November 2021, the sole accountant of the organization left after giving a short notice, I was asked to help the accounting department until the post of the accountant is filled in. My team helped the accounting department for four months. Then introduced the current accounting staff for the permanent position.


May ALLAH SWT let the best candidate to win and serve the ADAMS’ community honorably, Ameen!