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MCCL is set to become the official
Leesburg area branch of ADAMS

 New Name: "ADAMS-MCCL"
MCCL is set to become the official Leesburg area Branch of ADAMS.
 New Name: "ADAMS-MCCL"

The ADAMS-MCCL leadership and community members will work together to build a permanent Masjid/Community Center at the current MCCL Leesburg address (19838 Sycolin Rd; Leesburg, VA 20175). The ADAMS-MCCL dedicated teams and volunteers will also promote and coordinate all educational programs, special events, recreational clubs, outreach efforts, and community services for the benefit of the Leesburg area Muslim congregants, including the 5 Daily Prayers and the Weekly Jumu’ah Prayer (Multiple locations/Khutbahs).


The current MCCL land and all donations in MCCL accounts will be used exclusively for the construction of the permanent Leesburg Masjid and operations. The Ground Breaking Ceremony for the new Masjid construction will be held on Saturday, August 28, 2021 at 11am at MCCL, and all are encouraged to join this wonderful event, InSha'Allah.


The entire ADAMS Muslim community, including all of the Branches, are standing with our MCCL brothers and sisters to help build on top of the great work done over the years by the MCCL community, and led by brother Abdul Basir Ghanizada, to establish a permanent Masjid and Community Center for all Muslims in the Leesburg area.


This approach follows the same operational protocols and funding strategies ADAMS has done for all its current branches, and in direct partnership with each respective local branch leaders and community activists.


ADAMS will devote its fundraising experts, along with its dedicated communications staff and volunteers, to raise the needed funds for the new Masjid’s construction and will promote and manage the ADAMS-MCCL branch similar to ADAMS Sterling, Ashburn, Chantilly (Sully), and Gainesville Branches.


ADAMS has professional staff that will help institutionalize all ADAMS-MCCL efforts to ensure growth and continuity, InSha'Allah.


ADAMS is a sum of all the Muslim congregants and communities in the Northern Virginia Area, and we look forward to your participation and support as we set out to realize the vision of building the new Leesburg Masjid for the benefit of the ADAMS-MCCL community, InSha'Allah!