ADAMS Media Interviews on National Security, PEACE, Counter-Radicalization, and Counter Violent-Extremism

Here are past few weeks of media interviews on the topic of The All Dulles Area Muslim Society(ADAMS – 3rd largest Mosque in the USA, 10 branches/satellites and 25,000 people) commitment for National Security, PEACE, Counter-Radicalization, and Counter Violent-Extremism. Our Message has been communicated to an estimated audience of Tens of Million People in the USA and around the World.

New York Times, CNN(3), Fox Business, ABC News, BBC Radio, Fairfax Times, Loudoun Times, Danish TV, BBC Arabic, Voice of America Pakistan/URDU, The Economist Magazine, WMAL, WNEW, Al-Arabiya(Middle East), TF1(France TV). The Yomiuri Shimbun(The Japan News), TV 3 TV (Barcelona, Spain), Al Hurra TV(Middle East)

New York Times Article interview of Imam Magid(ADAMS), Humera Khan(MUFLEHUN), and Rizwan Jaka(ADAMS)

Imam Magid(ADAMS) was on Fox BUSINESS Channel

ABC NEWS Interviews Imam Magid(ADAMS), Jibreel Martinez Jaka(ADAMS), Abdullah Baig(ADAMS), and Muhammad Saad Yacoob(ADAMS)
ABC News’ Martha Raddatz speaks to an imam in Virginia fighting attempts by ISIS to lure young Muslim Americans into extremism.
 — ADAMS Interviews start at  Video Time Period 1:30 Article
Imam Magid(ADAMS) and Br. Abdullah Baig(ADAMS)

BBC PRI News Interview with Imam Magid(ADAMS)

Feb 20 Imam Magid(ADAMS) on CNN with Carol Costello

Feb 22 Imam Magid(ADAMS) on CNN with Fredricka Whitefield

Feb 17 Imam Magid(ADAMS) on CNN tonight with Don Lemon

Al Arabiya(Middle East) Interview of Rizwan Jaka(ADAMS)
At Timeframe 16:51
Fairfax Times and Loudoun Times interview of Rizwan Jaka(ADAMS)

Danish TV Interview of Bob MArro(ADAMS) at 7:32 mark!/

Voice of America
ADAMS(Hasan Al-Talib(ADAMS), Priscilla Martinez(ADAMS), and Cub Scouts) and ISNA(Dr. Syeed) Interviewed in Voice of America

The Economist Magazine Website:
Interview of Rizwan Jaka(ADAMS) and Imam Talib Shareef(Masjid Muhammad – The Nations Mosque)

Voice of America Urdu
Interview of Syed Akhtar Alam(ADAMS)
Time Slot 15:58 –

BBC Arabic Interview of Sr. Hajjar(ADAMS)

Imam Magid(ADAMS) interviewed on WNEW 99.1 FM Aired on Wed Feb 25, 2015

Rizwan Jaka(ADAMS) interviewed on WMAL 630AM/105.9 FM aired on Tue Mar 3, 2015

Imam Magid(ADAMS), Rizwan Jaka(ADAMS), Bob Marro(ADAMS), Hidayah Martinez Jaka(ADAMS), and Abdullah Baig(ADAMS)
Interviewed by
TF1(France TV) –
The Yomiuri Shimbun(The Japan News) –
TV 3 TV (Barcelona, Spain) –
Al Hurra TV(Middle East) –  

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