ADAMS Unequivocally Condemns Attack at Port Authority bus terminal near Times Square

The All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) unequivocally condemns the attack today at the NY/NJ Port Authority bus terminal near Times Square. We send our sympathy and prayers to the injured victims and their families.  We are shocked beyond words by this unspeakable act.
The Holy Quran repeatedly teaches us that no one can ever sanction the taking of innocent lives. See the following Fatwa (Religious Ruling) Against Terrorism:
We thank local, state and federal law enforcement officials for their vigilance, quick action, and continuing commitment to protect all Americans and stop these criminals from doing harm to innocent lives.
We reiterate however that this evil action is the work of a lone wolf criminal, and must not lead to the vilification of any group of people, the demonization of any community, or the rise of a cycle of additional violence. 
It is simply unfathomable to every American that 2017 has already seen over 377 Mass shootings with over 500 dead and 1600 injured, on top of the 477 Mass Shootings with over 600 killed and almost 1800 injured in 2016.  It is also important and very sad to note that in 2015, 13,286 people were killed and 26,819 injured in the US by people maliciously using firearms (references: (https://www. 2017  http://www. Most of these actions were committed by deranged individual domestic criminals acting on their own and without any implications of any outside groups.  The perpetrator of this heinous act may claim inspiration from outside, but it is clear he is no different from the deeply disturbed criminals who have carried out these other attacks.

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