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Asalaamu Alaykum!
Dear Community,

All ADAMS Branches will be closed, today , March 21st due to the current weather conditions. ADAMS will open again after Fajr prayer on March 22nd.

Please stay alert and check your email and the ADAMS website ( for updates as we continue to monitor road conditions. Roads may be hazardous. We request and encourage our community to exercise caution. Please understand that the ADAMS parking lot and sidewalks may be slippery.

ADAMS Management

The Islamic ruling on praying in daily prayers at home due to severe conditions
Imam office advises ADAMS community members to stay and pray their salahs (prayers) at home due to the severe weather based upon the traditions of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad, sall Allahu alayhi wasallam:
  • It was reported in Sunan Abu Dawud that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), on the day of Hunayn, asked people to pray in their own space or place instead of coming for Jum’a prayers.
  • Sunan Abu Dawud also relates that Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), during a Friday in time of Hudaibiyah, ordered the companions to pray where ever they were and not to come to Jum’a prayer due to the rain.
  • Imam Bukhari reported that Abdullah Ibn Abbas (May Allah be pleased with Him) ordered the muezzin (person who calls for prayer) on a rainy day to say the Adhan and that he should not say Hayya ‘ala-salattrather should say “pray at home, pray at home.” Some people objected to this and he said to them, “The one who is better than you has done this” referring to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). “Therefore I do not want to make it difficult on you by having you walking in the mud.”
For winter storm preparations, please visit the following links:
ADAMS Management

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