Overview of ADAMS Youth Programs

For more information on our ADAMS youth programs, visit www.adamsyouth.net or contact youthdirector@adamscenter.org.

Boy Scouts



ADAMS Young Adults (AYA)

The ADAMS Young Adults (AYA) Program serves the college-aged
 community, between ages 18 to 25 years old. AYA’s goal is to actively engage the needs of young adults as they transition into the working world, to increase their connection with Allah (swt) and His messenger. Furthermore, the program hopes to develop stronger ties 
of brotherhood and sisterhood and to hone and apply the collective potential of ADAMS Young Adults. AYA is for residents and college students within the northern Virginia area. Those visiting during holiday breaks are welcome to join! For more information on upcoming events, please visit our Facebook page: ADAMS Young Adults or email aya@adamscenter.org.

Brothers Ring

The Brothers Ring consists of individuals coming together in unity to discuss matters on the minds of ADAMS’ young men and how to create a healthy balance between the dunya (“world”) and seeking the pleasure of Allah (swt). The Brothers’ Ring is building future leaders who will be representatives of Islam. Come and join us every Friday for discussion, socializing and activities! There is no fee or registration for this program. For more information, please contact us at youthdirector@adamscenter.org.

Sisters Circle

Our ADAMS Sisters Circle is a group to serve as a foundation of knowledge and to increase our iman (“faith”) by providing avenues of spiritual guidance by strengthening the precious bonds of sisterhood. We promote a healthy environment of acceptance, understanding, and tolerance of all people. Meetings are held every Friday from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. All girls and young adults from ages 12 through 18 are welcome! For more information, please contact us at youthdirector@adamscenter.org.

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