21740 Beaumeade Circle, Unit 120
Ashburn, Virginia 20147


In May 2019, ADAMS Ashburn celebrated its 10th anniversary at the current location.

ADAMS Ashburn was established in 2003 and moved to its current location of 21740 Beaumeade Circle, suite 100-B, Ashburn, VA 20148 in May 2009.  It was the first full-service branch of ADAMS sharing space with Jewish Congregation BCRC.

Since its establishment, the ADAMS Ashburn branch has been providing Education, Youth programs, Community services , and Interfaith dialogue to our community in addition to the five daily and Friday Prayers.

In addition to the Beaumeade Circle location, for the last four years, the Ashburn branch also provides three Prayers every Friday at a satellite location, serving an additional six to seven hundred congregants.  

Children Education Program (CEP), Saturday School is currently serving more than 140 students under the leadership of Branch Management and Sr. Shahina Raja, Principal, CEP Ashburn.

The hard work and countless efforts of the Ashburn Committee, led by Br. Syed Akhtar Alam, Chair and member of the Board of Trustees, was paid off when Loudoun County Board of Supervisors approved the special use permit for the new ADAMS Ashburn branch to build its own center on an approximately 10,000 square feet property purchased and $1.25 million paid off by the community.

The new building will accommodate the growing Ashburn community.

The construction and design plan was approved by the Ashburn Committee and by the Board of Trustees.

The historical ground breaking ceremony took place on December 22, 2019 for the new center, at Unit 120. The estimated cost of this project is approximately $1.6 million and the anticipated completion date is in mid 2020, Insha’Allah.

Ashburn Branch is managed by a seven member committee, and it’s the first branch to implement branch governance resolution approved by the ADAMS’ Board.

Br. Syed Akhtar Alam - Chairperson

Br. Ghulam Tirmizi - Vice Chair/Treasure

Br. Ahsen Abbasi - Communication/Media Coordinator

Br. Abdus Samad (Aamar) - Youth Coordinator

Sr. Humera Subzwari - Interfaith/Volunteer/Accounting Coordinator

Sr. Nausheen Baig  - Community Coordinator

Br. Waqas Ahmed - Education Coordinator

Additionally, there are four non-voting committee members:

Br. Masud Hassan , Br. Azeddin Labrini, Br. Nasir Syed & Br. Shahid Chaudary

Our Operation staff comprises of Br. Syed Rashid Ali, and Br. Syed Owais Subzwari with an assigned full-time Imam, Brother Hafiz Abdul Basit.


The Ashburn branch has been providing and participated in the following services to our community:

  • Religious

    • Five daily prayers

    • Friday Prayers at two locations (Six Khutbas, approximately 1200-1400 attendees)

    • Eid prayers.

  • Social

    • Food Pantry

    • ESL classes

    • Zakah and family support

    • Ramadan

      • Feed the community

      • Sponsor Iftar and Sahoor programs

      • Ramadan volunteers diner

  • Education

    • Daily Taleem ul Quran

    • Saturday School (CEP)

  • Interfaith

    • Community table of Loudoun

    • Community Store of Loudoun

    • Serving on BRIDGES of Loudoun

    • Voices of Faith with Loudoun County Public Library

    • Day of Thanks (BRIDGES)

    • Kids around the world (Food Packing) with CFC

    • All neighbor Christmas (Bring Hope Program)

    • Life after Hate (BRIDGES)

    • Love your Neighbor

    • Hope not Hate

  • Youth

    • Biweekly Youth Halaqa and other activities.

    • AYA meeting

    • MSA bake sale

    • Support to Ashburn high schools,

  • Community

    • Janaza seminars

    • HealthCare registration assistance

    • Story Time

    • Clothes and coat drives

    • Community service day (Saturday School Children and parents)

    • Food drive for Syria

For more information and details about any program, please contact Brother Syed Akhtar Alam at