The Path to Sacred Knowledge

Qurtuba Institute of ADAMS Center is offering a new and wonderful certificate program in Foundations of Islamic Knowledge, using a very structured, systematic, and academic methodology. 


The program is called "The Path to Sacred Knowledge”. 


The objectives of this program are to:

  • Disseminate sound Islamic knowledge to the members of the community 

  • Increase level of Islamic knowledge in the community in order to gain a deeper understanding of how Islamic values and principles can be applied in one’s daily life  

  • Instill a deeper understanding and appreciation of the vast Islamic sciences within the community

  • Help community members become closer to Allah SWT by serving as exemplary Muslims in the society

  • Foster a holistic environment of learning, thinking, analyzing, resolving, planning, adventuring, leading, etc.

  • Bring forth distinguished Islamic leaders, scholars, and thinkers


The certificate program includes the following 14 courses to be taken over four quarters of 10-weeks each:


  1. Intro to Islamic Theology (‘Aqeeda)

  2. Intro to the Qur'an and its sciences

  3. Intro to Hadith and Sunnah

  4. Intro to Fiqh and Islamic Law

  5. Fiqh of Acts of Worship 

  6. Life and legacy of the Prophet (Seerah)

  7. Overview of Islamic History and Civilization

  8. Qur'anic Recitation

  9. Basic Arabic

  10. Islamic Manners & Ethics (Akhlaq)

  11. Family System in Islam

  12. Methodology of Presenting Islam

  13. Intro to Comparative Religion

  14. Contemporary Topics and Issues


Each course requires 2 hours of instruction (in person) per week in the evenings/weekends for one quarter. The first quarter starts on January 9, 2023. 


If any of the following applies to you, this certificate program is for you:

  • I am looking for an authentic and structured program to learn the essentials of Islam

  • I would like to improve my foundations in Islam in a systematic manner

  • I would like to join a serious study program to prepare for advanced Islamic studies

  • I want to give Friday Khutbahs and speak about Islam whenever needed

  • I want to teach Islam in the Islamic weekend school

  • I want to clear confusion about Islam/Muslims from the media

  • I want to be able to answer people’s questions about Islam with confidence

  •  I want to equip myself with proper Islamic knowledge to join interfaith programs and civic activities

  • I would like to have a good foundation in Islam so I can effectively work as an Islamic activist, or work at an Islamic charity organization, or an Islamic center



Cost: Full program for $1,000

Or each course at $149


Sign up to express your interest in this exciting opportunity and you will be contacted for official registration. 

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