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Thank you for your desire to start a Club at ADAMS. Clubs are a great way to get active at your Masjid and to connect with others through recreational and special interest activities here at ADAMS. In order to ensure the success and safety of your Club, the following guidelines should be followed to quickly get your Club approved, promoted and operational.

Three Simple Steps for Starting your ADAMS Club

  1. Download the Club Application Packet and read the Policy Guidelines for ADAMS Clubs.

  2. Complete the Club Proposal Form (Fillable PDF), then submit to the ADAMS Clubs Coordinator (clubs@adamscenter.org) with the following information:

    • Club Name: Include the name of the proposed Club.

    • Club Activities: Include a brief paragraph describing the club's purpose/activity.

    • Club Participants: Include the age(s), gender(s), and other details of the target Club participants.

    • Provide the proposed dates, times, and ADAMS Branch this club will meet at.

    • Budget/Finances: Are there any Club fees? How often (monthly fee, one-time fee) are the fees collected? What are your Expenses? Will you need to Fundraise for your Club

  3. Sign the Club Advisor Responsibilities Form and attach it to your Club Proposal. Include your Club's leadership team (minimum 3 persons) that will be responsible for all aspects of your Club, and also who will be your Club Advisor (top leader). The Club Advisor will provide regular written updates of your Club's activities along with any additional requests for support to the ADAMS Clubs Coordinator.


All Club applications are reviewed on a weekly basis for approval by the ADAMS Clubs Coordinator (clubs@adamscenter.org).