ADAMS Community Services

The goal and purpose of ADAMS Community Service (ACS) is to help the community in providing support and services in various activities throughout the year. We collaborate with faith-based organizations, non-Muslim friends and partners to strengthen our friendship and build further relationships by partnering and working shoulder to shoulder with them on humanitarian efforts.

Volunteer Program

Our volunteers are devoted to serving the community. From visiting senior homes, collecting blankets/toys/ school supplies, and donating food to the shelters, to serving Iftar, suhoor, helping at taraveeh and hosing youth activities during Ramadan. We also visit the sick at hospitals, help the elderly understand residential and employment processes, and translators to help immigrants settle in.

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Funeral Services

Throughout the Qur’an, Allah describes the situation of death in a number of places:


“Say: ‘It is Allah Who gives you life, then gives you death; then He will gather you together for the Day of Judgment about which there is no doubt.’ But most men do not understand. One day we all will return to meet our creator Allah…subhanahu wa ta’ala (“May He be Glorified and Exalted”). As you are reading this please think and ponder how you have prepared for the moment when the angel of death will come. It is human nature not to think about this moment or prepare for it but as Allah says in surah Ankaboot Surah 20: Verse 57.” -The Holy Qur’an 45:26

To contact the ADAMS Center’s Memorial Services to schedule and accommodate a funeral, please contact the ADAMS Center’s main number: 703-433-1325 ext. 1101 or Click here for more information

Meet & Greet Breakfast

Monthly Sunday Breakfast after Fajr at ADAMS Sterling to continue once normal masjid operations resume.

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