Deepest Sympathy for Cairo Coptic Christian and Muslim Community and Law Enforcement officials, for Nigerian Christian Community, and for Muslim Community in Turkey

The All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS) asserts our outrage and extends our most sincere and profound sympathy for the victims of the attack on the Cairo Coptic Christian church, and on the Cairo Muslim Law enforcement Community, and on the tragedy with the Nigerian Christian Church, and on the Muslim Community in Turkey.  We are simply overwhelmed by these senseless acts.
We join all people of conscience in condemning these terrorist attacks in Cairo and in Turkey. We are also shocked and appalled by the faulty building collapse of a Nigerian Church that resulted in so much death and destruction. Our thoughts and prayers are with all the victims of these terrorist attacks and that preventable building collapse.
As we repeatedly note and teach, Islam holds that the taking of even a single innocent life is equivalent to killing all of humanity.  Especially at a time when so many billions of people worldwide are preparing for  the impending holiday season, such wanton acts are a disgrace to all those who perpetrate them, especially if they do so falsely in the name of God and religion.  And we deplore those who put profit ahead of safety in the construction of buildings that risk such collapse and bring tragedy to so many individuals.  
May our commitment and compassion hasten the day when all the Creator’s children will live together in understanding, harmony, and peace.  All those who oppose such peace and harmony should know that we all stand together to oppose such horrific violence, and categorically condemn any who feel that this could in any way be a solution to the problems we face in today’s world.


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