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On behalf of the ADAMS Five Member Independent Election Committee, we thank the community for the high turnout and the enthusiasm shown for the 4 Board of Trustee positions.  ADAMS Five Member Independent Election Committee managed the eballot system accounts and registered voter lists and verifies the integrity of the whole process. The Election committee diligently worked around the clock to ensure that each member who requested a ballot was provided one and was given every opportunity to vote, under the guidelines provided by the Board.  Accommodations were made to extend the voting time for Jun 6th registered voters only due to a large technical issue that caused many to not receive the eBallot.  We appreciate all candidates for their dedication and service to ADAMS. We encourage the candidates that were not elected to continue their efforts and continue to advise the board.   


Per the results of today's election, the Election Committee declares the following people as the winners:   

Misbah Javaid – 232 votes 

Usman S Goni – 228 votes 

Wajhiuddin Khawaja – 214 votes 

Shoyeb Hassan – 188 votes 


Below are the results of today's election:   

Main eBallots: 363 voted out of 399 eballots Issued   

Manual Ballots: 50   


ADAMS had 1360 Members Eligible to Vote (1year continuous member) in 2021 Board Elections 

- Quorum is 10% (136). 

Ballots issues and Ballots cast both exceeded Quorum. 



Usman S Goni            = Manual ballots 29 + 199 Eballots   = 228 

Shoyeb Hassan           = Manual ballots 29 + 159 Eballots   = 188 

Syed Moin Hossain    = Manual ballots 28 + 154 Eballots   = 182 

Misbah Javaid            = Manual ballots 23 + 209 Eballots   = 232 

Wajhiuddin Khawaja = Manual ballots 21 + 193 Eballots   = 214 

Aneela Rehman          = Manual ballots 22 + 144 Eballots  = 166 

Nasir Sayed                = Manual ballots 10 + 132 Eballots   = 142 

Farhan Syed               = Manual ballots 12 + 110 Eballots    = 122 


ADAMS Election Committee   

Razia Sohail (Chair) 

Nadeem Pathan   

Akhter Hossain   

Mohamad Hamed
Sabri Hammad 

Blue Smoke

Usman S Goni


USMAN GONI CO-CHAIR ADAMS SULLY CENTER: My name is Usman Goni. I live in Centreville VA with my loving family – my wife, mother-in-law, a daughter and two sons. I am a Space Systems Engineer with a PhD degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Liverpool, UK. My family is blessed to be part of the ADAMS community for the past 15 years and actively involved as a volunteer with Adams Sully since 2014 As a volunteer, I have worked with the ADAMS Sully Center as a facility management lead as well as providing Ramadan logistical support. In the past three years, I have been the Co-chair of the ADAMS Sully Community. I have worked with the other committee members to provide oversight and support the community programs that included managing the Sully Educational programs (CEP and YEP) as well as other youths and adult education programs. As a Co-chair, I was responsible for Adams Sully Operations that includes facilitating the five daily prayers, Ramadan activities and the 2 EIDs, Sully Education, community outreach programs (Monthly Potluck, Summer School), ACHN (free clinic and facilitating the COVID-19 Vaccination campaign) and BiWeekly Food Drive for the needy. I have worked with the ADAMS leadership in promoting the ADAMS ideals of enriching our Muslim Community with Islamic education, social-network support, and many other social and religious functions. With complete submission to Allah for His guidance, I hereby express my intention to join the ADAMS board if elected to bring my experiences from Branch Operations (Facility and Staff), managing the Sunday School Staff and Education programs to enhance the boards governance on such matters thereby promoting our overall community development to achieve higher goals. Insha’Allah these considerations will appeal to you about my candidature to vote for me as a member of the ADAMS Board of Trustees

Misbah Javaid


Sister Misbah Javaid is a devoted ADAMS member since 2003 and has served on the ADAMS Executive Committee since 2017. Her time on the board has consisted of participation in the Youth, Education, COVID-19 Pandemic, and Youth Center Planning task forces. Sister Misbah has been the Chair and founder of the ADAMS New Muslim Support Group since its creation in 2007 along with Sunday Teacher in the Children’s Education Program from 2003-2016. You may also recognize Sister Misbah as the lead coordinator of the ADAMS Fall and Spring Festivals as well a C0-Chair of annual Family Fun Night aimed at providing the community with an assortment of recreational and community bonding activities amidst global food, youth games, and shopping adventures. A native of Pakistan, she has raised four children in the United Stated alongside serving the public as an educator with Fairfax County Schools since 1998. An avid social media content creator, Sister Misbah shares recipes, DIY projects, children’s arts and crafts, and interior design ideas with her beloved community to motivate and inspire junior and senior generations. Sister Misbah continues to expand her Islamic knowledge with daily Quran lessons, advocates for underprivileged families in her native country, and is involved in raising her four young grandchildren. Sister Misbah’s longtime involvement in diverse ADAMS programs reflects her energy and commitment to its mission, bringing to the table institutional knowledge, creative problem solving, forward thinking, and maximum development and utilization of community talent.

Wajhiuddin Khawaja


My Name is Wajhiuddin Khawaja, with the grace of almighty Alhumdulillah, I am blessed with a loving wife, three daughters, and a son. I graduated from Strayer university with a degree in IT and networking. 


I’ve been with ADAMS since early 90’s and am thankful and blessed to have the opportunity to serve the ADAMS Community for the past many many years. 


Being in an IT industry for several years has allowed me to help with internet and technology infrastructure of ADAMS. I am one of the founders who established ADAMS Computer Training Center, a group created to aid professionals within the IT industry or those wanted to get in to the IT.  


Since we build this main center in early 2000’s, I have a been part of IT group which helping and providing IT support to ADAMS Center. For the last 5+ years I’m serving as a Chair of ADAMS IT department. I have been highly involved in IT Management tasks including infrastructure, procurement, inventory, WiFi and Servers setups, printers, user database and all related tasks to ensure center is always up and running and staff is able to perform their duties. 


I’m also a member of ADAMS Community Service where we provide help to the poor, needy and financially unsecure families until they stand on their own feet. 


I’m also a part of ADAMS Funeral team where we provide volunteer service to families in the event of death in the family. 


I’m also a part of ADAMS festival team, ADAMS Ramadan Iftar team to provide iftar and dinner to hundreds of community members every year, a member of ACE group and also serving as an assistant Scoutmaster in ADAMS Boy Scouts.  


I pray Almighty continues to keep me in a position to help our Masjid/Center for the betterment of our community. Inshallah with your help, support and valuable vote we can continue to make our community thrive.

Shoyeb Hassan


I have been a member of the ADAMS community and resident of Herndon, VA since 2003. My wife, Humayra Khatoon, and I have two sons and a daughter. We as family are lifetime members of ADAMS and active volunteers of the community. My education background includes a master’s degree in Accounting, and I have been successfully running an Accounting farm in greater Washington DC area since 1998. I have been active in many voluntary initiatives with ADAMS and DMV. Besides serving as the Co-Chair of ADAMS Sterling Branch Committee, I have been a founding member of ADAMS Civic Engagement (ACE) Committee, Ramadan Committee, ADAMS Badminton Club and other committees. Based on the current situations in our community, greater area and the world, I think this is the best time to be more active with an organization like ADAMS and make impacts in meaningful ways. I, therefore, humbly announce my willingness to engage with the community by volunteering for ADAMS Board of Trustees. I seek your Duaa and pray to Allah (SWT) that He accepts my intentions and helps me with this responsibility in this world and towards the hereafter. My intentions are not just to help the community with activism and organizing, but also to help extend our capabilities of this “village” and make it a better place to raise our children, youth and elders. I seek your sincere Duaa that Allah makes us all successful in this Dunia and Akhirah, Ameen!