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Our Health Clinic Director, Dr. Yahya Alvi, welcomes new members of the community. Dr. Alvi has been working with the ADAMS community for the past 6 years. He also fosters the partnership with the American Red Cross and INOVA Hospital System to conduct blood donation drives every quarter.

We have several medical and health seminars that are held every two months at the ADAMS Center. We typically cover health topics that affect the surrounding community such as proper nutrition, exercise recommendations, and routine medical checks to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. At ADAMS, we also provide services for blood sugar screenings and cholesterol and triglycerides checks. Each session is taught by a specialized health professional in the particular field of expertise. Admission to the seminars is free.

All of our health services at ADAMS are free and are completed without any relation to ethnicity, religion, or nationality. In response to the community’s needs, the ADAMS Health Clinic created the ADAMS Compassionate Healthcare Network (ACHN). This organization consists of 80 volunteers; 30 of them are doctors, and they are all managed by a Board of Directors with the ADAMS Health Director, Dr. Yahya Alvi, serving as the Chairman. The ACHN system opened a free service health clinic for those who currently do not have and cannot afford to have health insurance, and do not qualify for Obama Care. It also refers needy patients to health care specialists who provide treatment free of cost. As the community grows as well as our network of volunteer doctors, the ACHN has a dream of establishing a free hospital for the needy one day, inshAllah.

In addition, ADAMS provides health information in the form of pamphlets and booklets made for distribution. These materials inform and educate the community on a myriad of health and medical topics. Please check with the main office for the latest available materials. Furthermore, ADAMS works closely with the Fairfax County Health Department and this partnership provides the community better access to Fairfax County Health Services. Please visit our external website for more information:

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