About ADAMS Gainesville

Alhamdulillah, ADAMS Greater Gainesville community is growing. The number of people at Jum’a prayers has been growing steadily since we established Jum’a at Hampton Inn in Gainesville. —After losing Hampton Inn, and after not being able to rent a place in this area, it is more than clear that we need to have our own place.— We need our own masjid to fulfill our vision and objectives and play a positive and constructive role to build a strong community in this area.

Our address for Jum’a prayer is:

Wyndham Garden Hotel
10800 Vandor Lane
Manassas, VA 20109

Committee Members are:

Rafique Khan

Syed Moid

Sharif Ahmed

Afif Siddiqui

Taqui Ali

Syed Murtaza




ADAMS, Greater Gainesville Donation of safe water to Flint Michigan community (August 2016)




ADAMS Greater Gainesville presents checks to the “Officer Assistance Fund” and the Ashley Guindon Fund at the Prince William County Police Department. (May 25, 2016)






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