National Cathedral Interfaith Presidential Inaugural Prayer Service

The National Cathedral will continue its traditional hosting of the Interfaith Presidential  Inaugural Prayer Service on Saturday Jan 21 which will include Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Bahai, Navajo, Mormon, Greek Orthodox, and a total of 26 Diverse Faith leaders. The National Cathedral has long been a pivotal House of Worship in the Washington region, welcoming all faiths and upholding religious freedom, and ADAMS has been delighted to work very closely with their leadership and staff on many Interfaith programs these past 15 years. We were especially touched in 2014 when the Cathedral hosted the first ever Juma (Muslim Friday Prayer service), and were pleased recently to partner with them on the Faith over Fear Walk  in December  2015 and 2016.  Moreover, we were delighted to have the ADAMS BEAT Children’s Choir sing at the Jan 16, 2017 MLK Day Service (please see links below) at the Cathedral.
Imam Magid was a part of the 2013 Interfaith Presidential Inaugural Prayer service, side-by-side with Christian, Jewish and Sikh leaders. This is an ideal way to help our Nation come together in unity and healing. ADAMS has always worked on full engagement with past Presidential Administrations, and we hope to continue that in 2017 and beyond.  We remind all Americans that our Government works for the People and by the People, who must engage Government at every level and at all times so we can continue to assure religious freedom, better race relations, women’s rights, national security, and civil rights, and to counter bigotry in all forms.
Imam Magid has been recently invited to participate at this 2017 Interfaith Service. Having Muslims be part of the Interfaith service in 2017 will certainly help us to continue to advocate for those goals, and allow us to Pray for our Nation’s success, and for America to live up to the ideals and principles of our cherished US Constitution.  This Prayer Service is therefore an important step in that direction, not just for American Muslims, but for all Americans.  
We would also like to recognize five ADAMS Girl Scouts and an ADAMS Community member and American Muslim Eagle Scout Leader who were invited to participate in the Inaugural parade which is an important hallmark of the peaceful transfer of Presidency in our Nation.  We would also like to thank American Muslims from our community serving in the US Military that are protecting our Nation and protecting the Inaugural events this weekend.
The community has a diversity of opinion and approach, and each one plays a role based on their perspectives, context, and location. It is important to recognize the validity of each approach and opinion, as long as such approaches are within the Islamic values and within general framework of the United States Constitution.
Please see Imam Magid Statement on this Interfaith Service:
Please see The Very Rev. Randolph “Randy” Marshall Hollerith, Dean of Washington National Cathedral statement on this Interfaith Service
Nov 2014 Jumaa at National Cathedral

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