ADAMS Gainesville – Moving Forward

We envision that the new ADAMS Greater Gainesville Masjid and Islamic Community Center will be more than just a place of worship. Some activities suggested for new community center:


  • A large prayer hall to hold regular prayers, Jumma and EID prayers.
  • A large activity room for community religious (e.g. EID) and social (e.g. potluck) gatherings.
  • A venue where we can conduct interfaith, outreach, and civic programs with the community at large.
  • A place for various youth activities and programs
  • Classrooms for teaching the Arabic language, Quran, and Islamic Studies to our children, adults and sisters.
  • An Islamic Library for Muslim and People of Other Faiths to learn about Islam and its teachings.
  • The Masjid and Islamic Community Center will also feature guest speakers and allow for open dialogue on current issues, with the aim of providing a wholesome environment to learn more about Islam.
  • In addition, we will work on correcting the misconceptions of Islam and Muslims in the US and the West.
  • The Islamic Community Center will also provide facilities for Interfaith and civic activities to work for mutual respect, harmony, and peace.



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