Our Thoughts and Prayers for Victims of the Horrific Terrorist Attack in Manchester, England and their Families

The All Dulles Area Muslim Society expresses deepest condolences to the people of Manchester and to the families of victims of the horrific terrorist attack. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and with their families. This despicable act cannot be considered anything other than the lowest depths of depravity.
No religion would ever condone such vicious attacks against innocent victims.

We thank the British police, emergency services, and civilians who have worked courageously to save lives. We call for a unified front by all people in Britain and around the world to counter terrorism, hate, violence, and conflict.

And we call for people to sow seeds of understanding, reconciliation, compassion and peace in our own communities, our own families, our own lives.  This is where each of us can begin.
We fully support and agree with the Muslim Council of Britain Statement:

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