Qalb Al-Mo'min, which means the Heart of the Believer, is a monthly podcast and periodical produced by All Dulles Area Muslim Society (ADAMS Center).


Qalb Al-Mo'min aims to help listeners and readers transform their character into one that is pleasing to Allah (SWT) and modeled after the Rasool, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.


Join podcast hosts Imam Mohamed Magid and Imam Saad Yacoob on all streaming platforms (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc.) or read the periodical written by the ADAMS Center at

Episode 5 - Khashya (Fear of Allah)

Podcast coming soon

Episode 4 - Hilm

The word Ḥilm, being closely related to patience (ṣabr), comes from the root word ḥa-li-ma, which means to abstain from haste. Ḥilm, then, is to abstain from haste in response to an adverse situation.

Episode 3 - Muhaasabah (Self Accountability)

In this 4 part episode, Imam Magid begins by explaining the basics of the concept and how to apply it in our daily lives. He explains how Egoism (ananiyyah) can infect the heart and block the practice of muhaasabah. He explains how muhaasabah is not about creating low self-esteem, and how to avoid self-hate through muhaasabah. Lastly, he shares some tips and tricks for successful Muhaasabah.

Episode 2 - Tadabbur

Learn about Tadabbur (the thoughful believer), the Prophet of Tadabbur, the Prophet of Taqwa and more


Episode 1 - Taqwa

In our first episode, Imam Mohamed Magid discusses the meaning of taqwa, its importance, and its practice.



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