Qurtuba: Ramadan Reflections

Qurtuba has a great Ramadan program set for the Holy Month! Please join us at either ADAMS Sterling or ADAMS Fairfax.

After Fajr at ADAMS Sterling

Daily Reflections: The Daily Reflections series aim to provide a good understanding of one’s daily prayer. The topics focus on understanding the different words used during prayers as well as the common short verses/surahs often recited.

Saturdays After Dhur at ADAMS Sterling – Stories from Surah Yusuf
  • June 18 – Prophet Yusuf in the House of Al’Aziz:
Join Ustadh Shad Imam as he relates the story of Prophet Yusuf’s while he was in the House of Al Aziz focusing on aspects of sabr of resisting temptation, sabr on obedience, justice through miracle, and selective justice.
  • June 25 – Prophet Yusuf’s Imprisonment:

Join Imam Abdurrafaa as he relates the story of Prophet Yusuf during his Imprisonment covering concepts of dealing with tests of life, virtues of tawhid- a shield against crisis of faith in times of calamity – العاصمة القيم, consistency of Moral character (Ihsan), and sincere advice and the common good.


  • July 2 – Prophet Yusuf and Empowerment:

Join Imam Magid as he relates the story of Prophet Yusuf’s Empowerment discussing his time seeking public office, and concepts including forgiveness, relationship with parents, and dealing with grief.

Qiyaams at Fairfax Qurtuba Center (ADAMS Fairfax)
June 18 – Qurtuba Sisters Qiyam organized by ADAMS Young Adults Sisters
June 25 –  The Hereafter Program with Ustadh Ahmed Sidky
July 2 – Qurtuba Family Qiyam for Parents and Children

Daily Prayers


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