4431 Brookfield Corporate Drive

Suite F

Chantilly, VA 20151


The Sully Branch is managed by Committee Members, Branch Operations Manager and supported by Volunteers.   

Chair:  Mesbah Islam
Co-Chair:  Usman Goni
School Principal:  Shazia Sawaira
Operation Manager: Habib Fatmi
Chief Imam:  Saeed Alrisheh


As the ADAMS Center community has continued to grow, ADAMS has continuously sought ways to meet the rising needs of the Northern Virginia community.  With the support of the ADAMS community, the purchase of a warehouse in Chantilly, Virginia was made, and ADAMS Sully Center was established. 
Alhumdulillah the much-needed prayer space for the Chantilly community has now grown into a vibrant center that provides weekly professional development and religious classes for adults, special weekend courses for sisters, an evening and a separate Sunday school for children and youth, as well as various other tutoring programs

In addition to the five daily prayers at the Brookfield Corporate Drive location, Sully center hosts three Jumu’ah prayers and nightly Tarawih prayers during Ramadan at its satellite Skyhawk Location. ADAMS Sully Center also hosts ADAMS Compassionate Health Care Network (ACHN) – the free clinic for qualified individuals. For more info on ACHN visit

As the community continues to grow, ADAMS Sully is looking to expand and needs your constant support for donations to construct a befitting facility that would provide for the needs of the community.

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