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"My mercy encompasses all things, but I will specify it for the righteous who give Zakah."
- Quran 7:156

ADAMS Zakat Office

Welcome to the ADAMS Social Services Office located on the 2nd Floor of the ADAMS Main Center Sterling Branch

Social Worker: Sr. Suheir Kafri

Zakat Coordinator

Please bring your Application to Social Services office

46903 Sugarland Road, Sterling Va 20164

Or Email your applications and supporting documents to:

Zakah Office Hours

  • Monday – Friday: 9:30am to 3:30pm

  • Phone: 703.433.1325 x1108

  • Fax: 703.935.0857

Nisab (Eligibility for Charity)

  • Zakah is payable at 2.5% of the wealth one possesses above the nisab.

  • Nisab, which is equal to 85 grams of gold, is the minimum amount of wealth one must have before they are liable to pay zakah.

  • Please check the current price of 85g of gold in order to calculation Zakah

Zakah Calculator

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